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September 12, 2013
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Bianca App for Darkest Legends~ by inapopovici Bianca App for Darkest Legends~ by inapopovici
| B A S I C I N F O R M A T I O N |

| Name | - Bianca Addams

| Nicknames | - Bia, Blackie

| Age | - 11

| Gender | - Female / She-cat

| Appearance |

Breed || - 50% American Shorthair, 10% Australian Mist, 40% Japanese Bobtail
Size || - Taller than average female

Scent || - Dust.

Body Type || - Because she is so skinny, she is really lean

Written Appearance || - Strong, plain black she-cat with pale, amber eyes.

Disabilities / Scars || - Has some small burns on her back from the fire.

Accessories || Round, golden-colored earrings.

| C O U P L E I N F O R M A T I O N |

Orientation || - Bisexual
Preference(s) || - N/A
Activity || - Virgin.
Looking For || - N/A

| S O N G S |

I wish they’d just die/Shineba ii no ni – KAITO
Judgement Of Corruption- KAITO

| O T H E R I N F O R MA T I O N |

| Class | - Low Class

| Occupation | - Orphan

| Weapon(s) | - Small, 2.5 inches long knife

| House Description | - The orphanage.
| Pet(s) | - N/A

| Slave(s) | - None

| Servents(s) | - None

| T R I V I A |

:bulletblack: She can sing, but her voice is really deep, like a boy her age.
:bulletblack: She loves chocolate.
:bulletblack: Even though she doesn’t seem like it, she can actually smile.
:bulletblack: Even though they know since they were kids, Bia doesn't have feelings for Daniel. They're best friends, after all!
:bulletblack: She learned to write, read and calculate from Daniel, as it seems that he learned it before, because he was a noble.

| P E R S O N A L I T Y |

Easily annoyed- She is easily annoyed by some people. Bia doesn’t like company too much, as she never had more than 2-3 people around her. She hates it when people try to annoy her. She wouldn’t show it, but she mentally tortures that cat. She then would brighten up, show a kind smile, then turn her back and walk away. She can keep long grudges, so beware.

Calm- Even through she gets easily annoyed, she keeps her calm in some cases. She loves that side of her, because she annoys some cats with her poker face. She would always play with words when not sure, and would most likely say nonsense while looking really fancy. Even though it rarely happens.

Teasingly- She likes to tease some cats, and if you get in a fight with her, prepare to get to know that teasingly side of her. She would most likely tease cats older than her. She plays dirty, so don't try to tease her back. She might even hurt you with your past, physically or just how you behave. She's found by many, a cruel cat, but it's just façade.

Sentimental- She seems all poker-faced or things like that, but if you insult her or her parents, prepare for a real fight. She is easy to hurt, as she was hurt way too much when her parents died. Even though, she can get really happy or excited over little things, most likely a bit of chocolate, a won fight, or just by sitting alone. She is also easy to get the heart of. She is really naive, so to her, 'small crush' is the same as love.

Protective- If she gets to like your cat in any way, friends, best friends, lovers etc. She'll be a little too protective. She got this trait from when Zorro, her mother's specter, died. She wished for it to be hers, so it can live with her. She also does this because it is really hard for her to make any friends. She is a real guardian to her friends, even giving her life for them. Just if they don't leave her alone.

Nice- If you get on her good side, you might see her nice side, with her rare smiles. Bianca can be nice only to those that didn't decided to hurt her. But it takes some time for her to get to know you, before she decides to be nice to you. So be nice to her, so she can be to you too. She isn't a 'lazy butthurt' as some find her.

Shy- When you first meet, don't expect to be talked to first. She would answer with short phrases, but as you get to know her better, she might answer with some-what longer phrases and will talk more frequently. But she'll also get more open with you. She won't ever think of betraying you after she becomes your friend.

| H I S T O R Y |

Early History:

Some time ago, two young cats fell in love. Their names were Fira and Crow. Fira was a beautful white she-cat, while Crow was purely black tom. They were engaged by their parents since they were children. Unfortunately, Fira was three years older than Crow. Luckily, after two years since they got married, Fira got pregnant. She gave birth to a strong, healthy she-cat. That she-cat was Bia.

Recent History:

She was eight years old when it happened. It was a spring night, the stars shone brightly. Bia was sleeping peacefully. When suddenly, she was woken up by the specter of her mother, Zorro, a swan. Bia smelled smoke, so she rushed outside. After the fire, she couldn’t see her parents. She searched for them, but nothing. She finally gave up. Zorro has died too, as it was her mother’s, not her. She was taken into the orphanage, becaause her relatives didn’t want her.

| R E L A T I O N S H I P S |

Daniel- Servant- Hahahaha! This guy here's my gal!

Oslo- Orphan- I can't help but feel symphaty for him. Though, he's really fun to play with. I can say we're friends. And I hope it remains that way...

Nadia- Orphanage Sitter- She's the one that supports me everyday. She's like a mother to me. She'd taken care of me... And she really supports my personality. I respect her for her patience...

Vleuel- Pending...

Evangelika- Pending...



Grandfather: Michael Addams

Grandmother: Lara Addams

Mother: Fira Addams

Father: Crow Addams

Uncle(s): Narcis Addams

Aunt(s): Alice Addams, Maria Addams

Siblings: N/A

Husband: N/A

Son(s): N/A

Daughter(s): N/A

| P L O T S |

:bulletgreen: -open.
:bulletred: -closed.

| R P S A M P L E | Camy from StarlightChasers

Life. Another game of the ascenstors. The game of God. The one that decides it in one-six. The time has three traits, none of them are too different from others. But the pain is different.
The pain of being alone.

The pain of being taken away from your family.

The pain of having pigment changing tests put on you.

The pain of giving birth.

The pain of getting a scar.

They hurt differently.
Every one of them has a different measure of pain, bigger or smaller.
It was all I could think of. My weak side was showing again. I couldn't help but feeling already losing my faith. Being emoionless.
It hurts. It hurts. Everything hurts. But we don't feel it.
Even a small "You're an idiot!" Hurts.
It hurts so much.
And it can't be helped....
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